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Keep Your Car Road Ready With Expert Car Care

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Quality Auto Services

Whether you need to resurrect your car or keep it alive, Champion Tune-Up & Auto Repair is your source for expert auto service. We've been serving Grand Forks since 1961; that's over 40 years of reliability you can trust. Visit us today.
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Skilled Mechanics

Whether your car is new or used, domestic or imported, modern or vintage, you can trust us to give it the mechanic service that'll keep it or get it back on the road. Call us at 701-772-5881 to get your FREE ESTIMATE on the car care that restores your car's get up and go.
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Why Choose Us?

Not only are we affordable but college students get a 5% DISCOUNT with every service. Plus, you can always plan your costs for major repairs, thanks to our FREE ESTIMATE. Our car repair and maintenance includes brakes, engine replacement, alternators, starters, batteries, electrical work, and more.
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DISCOUNT for College Students
5% OFF
College students can get a 5% DISCOUNT at Champion Tune-Up & Auto Repair.
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